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Region's economy

Economy value

of £5.5 billion

The region's economy

Huddersfield has one of the largest economies within the Leeds City Region and is home to a satisfying mix of world-leading organisations and smaller creative businesses.

Yet the cost of living remains relatively low, making Huddersfield and surrounding towns desirable locations for businesses and individuals alike.

  • Huddersfield is an integral part of the Leeds City Region, the majority of which is within a 1-hour drive

  • As a single economic unit, Leeds City Region has a population of 2.9 million, a labour force in excess of 1.3 million and an annual economy of £52bn

  • The area's economy is worth £5.75bn. GVA (Gross Value Added) is projected to increase by 37%, equivalent to £2bn, by 2026
  • We have the third largest manufacturing employment base in the country (behind Birmingham and Leeds) with 30,300 jobs
  • A total of 13,930 employers are based within the Huddersfield area, employing 150,200 individuals

  • The area is in the top ten locations for the number of residents in work - with 186,200 residents in work

  • There are 2,300 businesses in the creative and digital sector within the area.